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Vineyard sowing just got easier

Vineyard sowing just got easier

Managing your vineyards and orchards just got easier with the release of Agroplow’s expanded range of Vineyard Seeders.

The strength of the seeder range is in the flexibility of the machine. Multiple row spacing options, a choice of tyne or disc undercarriage, hopper capacities, and a wide array of optional extras all mean farmers can customise their Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder to suit a range of conditions and crop varieties. Whether it’s vineyards, macadamias, or orchards, Agrowplow’s range of vineyard seeders packs huge value into a compact 1.8m wide machine.

The seeders are available with 10, 11, or 12 sowing rows with the choice of Agrowplow’s 425 coil tyne or 401 double-disc undercarriage. This allows farmers to get optimal seed placement regardless of whether they’re dealing with high trash conditions, rocky country, or minimum-till operations.

They are available in single or dual hopper variants with 175, 159, or 150mm row spacings. An optional small seeds box can be fitted for sowing grasses such as lucerne, clover, and ryegrass, and trailing options such as harrows and rubber tyre rollers allow farmers to achieve the ideal seed-bed to promote germination.

Davimac Group Relationship Manager Dean Symons says he’s excited to bring this versatile platform to the market. “The Vineyard Seeder has a lot of value; I’m looking forward to being able to get it into our dealers’ yards so we can demo it for macadamia farmers on the Queensland coast to vignerons in south-west Western Australia.”

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