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Soil Rollers and Finishers

From the the contoured crumbling action of the Flexi-Roller cultipacker, to the simple and reliable design of the Rubber Tyre Roller, or presswheels for seed drills, there is a soil roller to suit your operations.

A flexi-roller smoothing the soil behind a deep ripper

From deep ripping to seeding: Why the Agrowplow Flexi-Roller is the ultimate soil roller.

The Agrowplow Flexi-Roller is a versatile and essential tool for anyone serious about soil care. From deep ripping to seeding, it can help you achieve optimal seedbed results and improve the overall health of your soil. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, investing in an Agrowplow Flexi-Roller is a smart choice that can help you achieve greater success in your farming operations.

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