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AD140 Agrowdrill with stowed hitch on white background


The AD140 Agrowdrill has the strength needed to penetrate dry soils and the user-friendly versatility for time-sensitive moisture conservation.

Enhance your pasture renovation with our proven robust design that features a reliable drive system, heavy-duty frame, and the tools you need to sow a better crop.

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425 Coil Tyne

401 Double Disc Unit

150 mm

Row Spacings

1.5 to 3.0 m

Working Widths

Up to 2x 385 L

Dual Seed/Fertiliser Capacity

AD140 Cover image

For small farms and serious business.

Perfect for smaller mixed or specialised farms, the AD140 is available in either a CAT2 three point linkage (3PL) or a trailing design with hydraulic lift. No need for a large tractor with drawbar requirements from 40 to 100 hp.

Watch as Chris from Agrowplow takes you through all the main features of the AD140 seed drill.

Agrowdrill AD140 disc seeder

Tyne or double-disc undercarriage options.

The 425 coil tyne has been a mainstay of our seed drills for years – and with good reason. The robust design and inverted T-shape Baker Boot Point minimise soil disturbance and ensures effective seed placement.

Alternatively, the AD140 can support the 401 Double Disc undercarriage, transforming into a versatile disc seeder for improved trash management and zero till operations.

AD140 Agrowdrill disc seeder with small seed box and presswheels

Sowing made easy.

Easily adjusted gates, roller restrictors, and an infinitely variable gearbox make it straightforward to sow a wide variety of cereals, grasses, and even large seeds and beans.

The AD140 also features our unique double-fluted roller distribution system for higher sowing rates, reduced bridging, and the ability to handle a large selection of seeds and fertilisers.

Small Seed Box seed drill option

Seed and fertilise in a single pass.

The AD140 features dual hoppers with capacities from 185 to 385 L per hopper. This allows for the segregation of seed and fertiliser, allowing both to be applied in a single pass whilst preventing cross-contamination.

A small seed box can be mounted directly onto the drill for sowing grasses and other small pasture seeds, with capacities of 38 or 60 L per metre.

AD140 seed drill with toolbox and calibration levers

Accurate seeding and metering.

The infinitely variable gearbox and optional bean roller allows you to sow almost anything at any rate. Easily fine-tune your calibration to allow high rate of fertiliser and low seed rates to suit your farm.

The machine includes a hectare meter as standard for easy monitoring of seed distribution.

AD083 Hopper with lid open

Efficient cleaning.

Save time and minimise corrosion with an Agrowdrill.

Simply set the lever to the box cleaning setting to open the gates and allow remnants to fall through. Cleaning is quick and simple, and protects the drill from premature wear and corrosion.

The weather-proofed, powder-coated lid and box provide a long-lasting, high-quality finish.

AD140 tyned seed drill 20 row with small seed box
AD140 Seed Drill
AD140 Seed Drill
Small seed box option on Agrowdrill AD140



The AD140's 100x100x6 mm RHS steel, fully welded frame has the strength to outlast and outperform in Australian conditions.


Powder-coated seed boxes and stainless steel valleys and calibration trays protect from corrosion.


Shop spare parts and accessories for your machine with our comprehensive online store.

Built to your needs.

with our range of machine options, rollers, and accessories.

Machine Options

Increase the versatility of your AD140 with a range of machine options including bean rollers, coulters, road kit, harrows, small seeds box, presswheels, rear-tow hitch, and more.


Independent roller rings allow the Flexi-Roller to follow the contours of the earth, providing maximum ground contact and ensuring the best possible seedbed finish.

Rubber Tyre Roller

The gang of solid rubber tyres press firmly into the ground following seeding with enough weight to distribute the gentle compaction evenly across flat paddocks.

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AD140 Specifications

Model 10 x 150 12 x 150 16 x 150 20 x 150
Sowing Rows 10 12 16 20
Row Spacings 150 mm 150 150 mm 150 mm
Working Width 1.50 m 1.80 m 2.40 m 3.00 m
Transport Width 2.09 m 2.29 m 2.89 m 3.49 m
Undercarriage Options 425 Coil Tyne: 620 mm clearance | 136 kg (300 lbs) breakout
401 Double Disc Unit: 620 mm clearance | 205 kg (2010N) downforce
Hopper Capacity Front 185 L 215 L 300 L 385 L
Rear 185L 215 L 300 L 385 L
Frame 100 x 100 x 6 mm RHS
No. Toolbars / Spacing 3 / 440 mm
Tyre Sizes 235/75 R15
Linkage Type Trailing with hydraulic lift, OR
CAT2 three point linkage
Weight 1.6t 1.7t 1.8t 2.1t
Drawbar Power 40-60 hp 60-80 hp 70-90 hp 80-100 hp
Machine Options Coulters
Bean roller
Road transport kit
Small seed box
Deep small seed box
Presswheel small seed tubes
Rear tow hitch
RTH hydraulic kit
Trailing Roller Options Flexi-Roller w/ or w/o hydraulic lift kit
Rubber Tyre Roller

Specifications may change at any time without notice.

With every seed drill, our goal remains the same: To design and build a robust, dependable seeder that gets the job done right in less time.

AD140 tyned seed drill 20 row with small seed box

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Trusted by Aussie Farmers

Well built machine, very easy to use. Does an exceptional job.

Richard Cropley, Belgravia NSW

AD140 (trailing) | 401 Double-disc
20 x 150 mm spacings

I buy Aussie so I can get parts and service quickly when I need them. I bought [an AD140 disc] because I am leaving a lot of trash to manage weeds. So far it has handled it well.

Greg Watkins, Kyabram VIC

AD140 (trailing) | 401 Double-disc
20 x 150 mm spacings

I direct drill barley into soybean ground. Without the machine, I would not have got the soybean into the ground. Extremely strong. Well built. Superior to the competitors we looked at.

Peter Coyne, Nanango QLD

AD140 (trailing) | 425 Coil Tyne
20 x 150 mm spacings