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Agrowdrill AD140

Compact and versatile direct drill

Maximise your fields potential in new or established pastures

Maximise your pasture renovation with our proven design that features a reliable drive system, heavy-duty frame, and the tools you need to sow a better crop.

Model Specifications
Row Spacings



185L up to 385L

Working Width

From 1.5m to 3m


425 Coil Tyne
401 Double Disc Unit

Customise your undercarriage

Customise your undercarriage

Choose between the Agrowdrill 425 coil tyne or Double Disc Unit. The 425 coil tyne has been a mainstay of our seed drills for years – and with good reason. The robust design and inverted T shake Baker Boot Point minimise soil disturbance and ensure effective seed placement. . Alternatively, the AD140 can support the 401 Double Disc undercarriage for improved trash management and zero till operations.

Sowing made easy

Sowing made easy

Double-fluted rollers, easily adjusted gates, roller restrictors, and an infinitely variable gearbox makes it easy to sow a wide variety of cereals, grasses, and even large seeds and beans. Easily fine-tune your calibration to allow high rate of fertiliser and low seed rates to suit your farm.

Accurate Seeding Metering

Accurate Seeding Metering

The AD140 also features our unique double-fluted roller distribution system for higher sowing rates, reduced bridging, and the ability to handle a wide variety of seeds and fertilisers. The infinitely variable gearbox and optional bean roller allows you to sow almost anything at any rate. It includes a hectare meter as standard for easy monitoring your seed distribution.

Efficient Cleaning

Efficient Cleaning

Save time and minimise corrosion with Agrowdrill. Simply set the lever to the box cleaning setting to open the gates and allow remnants to simply fall through to make cleaning simple and quick, and protect the drill from premature wear from corrosion.

With every seed drill, our goal remains the same, to design a dependable seed drill that gets the job done right in less time

Longer Lifespan

Stainless steel valleys and calibration trays protect the seed box from corrosion and powder-coated toolbars and seed boxes help protect from wear and tear.


Built from 100x100x6mm RHS steel, the fully welded frame has been designed to have the strength and the weight to outlast and outperform in any condition.

Machine Options

Customise your machine with coulters, harrows, bean roller, small seed box, flexi-roller, road kit...
View all options in model specifications.

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