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AP72 boradacre plough on white background cutout

AP72 Agrowplow

Broadacre plough with durable performance at a price that makes sense.

The Agrowplow AP72 deep ripper offers excellent soil renovation with a 200x200x9 mm frame and working widths up to 9 m. Perfect for contractors and broadacre farming applications.

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450 / 600 mm

Working Depths

3.5 / 4.5 / 6.0 / 9.0 m

Working Widths

388 / 409 / 400 / 473 mm

Shank Spacings

AP71 15 shank with 175mm spacings deep ripper plough with rear tow hitch

Strong and efficient.

Built with a heavy-duty 200x200x9 mm RHS frame, the AP72 boasts broadacre working widths up to 9 m and the ability to handle deep ripping up to a depth of 450 mm in heavy trash conditions.

Easily set the engagement angle of your blades with the front level bar to maximise your ripping efficiency and minimise draft.

Hydraulic shanks in soil deep tillage

Smart Ripping

The innovative #9 Shank Assembly shatters hardpan up to 450 mm deep without inversion, giving you increased moisture infiltration and root penetration without compromising soil structure.

The rigid recoil shank has a huge 4,790 kg breakout at the blade and the hydraulic recoil option has over 1,800 kg breakout at the blade.

AP71 15 shank with 175mm spacings deep ripper plough with rear tow hitch
#9 Shank blade with dirt showing how it is smashing through compaction

Superior performance in tough Australian conditions.

Longer Lifespan

Highly durable with long lasting powder coated finish.

Spare Parts

Shop spare parts and accessories for your plough.

Agrowplo Flexi-Roller trailing behind AP71 deep ripper plough

Built to your needs.

The AP72 deep ripper is available in 9, 11, 15, or 19 shank models.

Longer shanks can be fitted onto the plough for working depths up to 600 mm in soft soil operations. The AP72 can also be fitted with optional 400/60-22.5 flotation tyres that offer superior manoeuvrability and efficiency.

Compatible shank options include:

Host a trailing Flexi-Roller to shatter soil clods and break up crusting with the optional rear-tow hitch - available with or without hydraulic lines.

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AP72 Specifications

AP72 9 x 388 11 x 409 15 x 400 19 x 473
Working Rows 9 11 15 19
Row Spacings 388 mm 409 mm 400 mm 473 mm
Working Width 3.5 m 4.5 m 6.0 m 9.0 m
Max. Working Depth 450 mm (600 mm option)
Shank Style #9 Shank Assembly
Breakout Rigid 4,790 kg (10,560 lbs)
Hydraulic 1,846 kg (4,070 lbs)
Drawbar Power 180-270 hp 220-330 hp 300-450 hp 380-570 hp
Frame 200 x 200 x 9 mm RHS
No. Toolbars / Spacing 2 / 1,955 mm
Hydraulic Level Lift Yes
Linkage Type Trailing with 2" or 2 3/4" drawbar pin
Wheel Type 315/80R22.5 20 ply OR 400/60-22.5 Flotation
CTF Spacings 3.2 m 4.2 m 5.7 m 8.7 m
Transport Width 3.49 m 4.68 m 5.99 m 9.09 m
Weight Rigid 3,800 kg 4,400 kg 6,200 kg 6,300 kg
Hydraulic 4,500 kg 5,300 kg 7,300 kg 7,900 kg
Shank Options Furrowers
Inclusion plates
Mulch blades
Fertiliser tubes
600 mm shanks (soft soil conditions only)
Machine Options Rear tow hitch
Hydraulic hose kit for RTH
Flotation tyres
(adds 200 mm to transport width)
Trailing Roller Options Flexi-Roller Mk2 & Mk2 HD
Flexi-Roller hydraulic lift kit

Some shank options are mutually exclusive or may be used only under specific circumstances or with particular configurations. Shank options may increase draft requirements. Consult your dealer before considering these options.

All effort has been made to ensure the information presented is correct however, features and specifications may change without notice. Weights, dimensions and specifications are an estimate for standard configurations only and may change slightly during the manufacturing process.

Hydraulic shanks in soil deep tillage

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