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Agrowplow Flexiroller cultipacker on a whitebackground

Flexi-Roller Mk2

This adaptable cultipacker is easily implemented in both primary and secondary tillage operations, as well as in seeding operations.

Uneven soil is no problem for the Flexi-Roller. The independent roller rings allow the Flexi-Roller to follow the contours of the earth, providing maximum ground contact and ensuring the best possible seed bed finish, regardless of the soil conditions.

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A flexi-roller smoothing the soil behind a deep ripper
Flexi-Roller Mk2

Working Widths 1.65m to 5.5m

Flexi-Roller Mk2 HD

Working widths 4.5m to 7.5m

Mounted Flexi-Roller

Available for the AP31

Hydraulic Transport Kit

Machine option

The Smart Investment

Promote better soil health, improve water infiltration and retention, and reduce soil erosion with the Flexi-Roller.

AD230 with flexi-roller soil roller cultipacker

Ensure an ideal seedbed.

The Flexi-Roller is aggressive enough to shatter soil clods and break up crusting yet also gentle enough to lightly press the soil following ploughing or planting. Its rotating action eliminates the need for individual presswheels or soil packers.

Flexi roller breaks soil clods and crusting

Configure to your operation.

The trailing Flexi-Roller Mk2 is best for shorter working widths from 1.65 m up to 5.5 m. For the higher performance and durability required for larger working widths from 4.5 m to 7.5 m, the Flexi-Roller Mk2 HD is perfect. Mounted units are available to suit the AP31.

Flexi-Rollers may be ordered with or without a hydraulic transport kit that aids in relocating the implement along sealed roads or for extended trips.

Agrowplow AD230 seed drill with soil roller


AP51 with mounted flexi-roller cultipacker

From deep ripping to seeding: Why the Agrowplow Flexi-Roller is the ultimate soil roller.

The Agrowplow Flexi-Roller is a versatile and essential tool for anyone serious about soil care. From deep ripping to seeding, it can help you achieve optimal seedbed results and improve the overall health of your soil. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, investing in an Agrowplow Flexi-Roller is a smart choice that can help you achieve greater success in your farming operations.

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Agrowplow Flexi Roller

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