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#9 Rigid Shank gets an upgrade

#9 Rigid Shank gets an upgrade


The #9 Rigid Shank shearpin for Agrowplow deep rippers has been upgraded to perform better in tough country.

The breakout pressure has been increased from 10,560lbs to 13,700lbs at the blade. This change improves the performance of the #9 Rigid Shank on the Agrowplow AP71 and AP81 deep ripper, allowing them to perform more effectively for longer.  
“This allows deep moisture penetration and healthier root growth without disturbing the soil,” Davicmac Group Relationship Manager, Dean Symons.

“In turn, this is a saving both in terms of time - as there’s less lost time stopping to replace shearpins - and in terms of replacement parts,” Dean said.

This upgrade to the shearpins comes just in time for farmers preparing to deep rip for the coming winter cropping season.

A higher breakout allows the rigid shanks to deep rip in tougher country for longer before breaking out. Operators can expect to see improved performance, especially in virgin country, as there’s less replacement of broken shearpins during out in the field. 

The #9 shank assembly features a narrow shank design that breaks up subsurface compaction without soil inversion, preserving the soil profile and microbiology. Their high durability blades and full-length shinguards increase protection and reduce wear part replacement costs. 

The #9 shank can penetrate depths of up to 600mm and can be upgraded with shank options such as fertiliser tubes, furrower blades, sweeps, inclusion plates and wide-wing points. This allows Agrowplow deep rippers to be customised to suit each farmer's operations and soil amelioration program. 

“The number 9 point has also had a revamp, with more tungsten tiles and thicker hardfacing. Be sure to get to most out of your points and reduce the cost per hectare,” Dean said. “We alway recommend ripping to the conditions, not the calendar, to get the best results.” 

The #9 Shank is available with both a rigid and hydraulic breakout. They're available on Agrowplow reep rippers and other deep ripper frames built on a 150x150x9mm or 200x200x9mm RHS. Contact your local Agrowplow dealer to discuss your deep ripping program.
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