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Deep Tillage Ploughs

Discover the benefits of healthier and more productive soils with an Agrowplow deep ripper.

Our deep ripper ploughs shatter subsurface soil compaction with minimal soil disturbance. Agrowplows have been engineered to operate in a wide range of soil types and conditions, whether it be breaking through sodic layers down to the clay beneath, or ripping through black, heavy ground or light, sandy, abrasive soils.

Experience better plant root penetration, longer moisture retention, higher crop yields, and healthier, more productive soils with an Agrowplow subsoiler.

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Best shank design on the market
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Easily replaceable blades and guards
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Narrow shanks don't invert soil
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Wide range of bolt-on options
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Extremely durable and reliable
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Fully welded frame
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Easy to operate and maintain
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Reduce tractor HP requirements
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Proudly 100% Australian made
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Easily source spare parts online
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Excellent after sales service
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Large Dealer network
AP81 deep ripper ploughing in field with #9 hydraulic shanks
Rear view of AP91 Hydraulic 23 shank 522mm spacings

Why deep ripping?

Research shows there is significant economic returns available by alleviating soil constraints via deep ripping.
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Shatter subsurface soil compaction
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Deeper plant-root penetration
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Longer moisture retention
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Higher crop yields and healthier soil

A Deep Ripper for Every Farm

Our deep ripper range of small, medium and broadacre machines cover widths from 1.65m to 12m. Each plough can be fitted with a range of machine and shank options.

Compact Rippers & Subsoilers

Mid-Broadacre Agrowplow Rippers

Large-Broadacre Deep Tillage Agrowplows

Specialty Tillage

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Plough Range Specifications

Compare the specs of our full range of deep ripper ploughs.
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Agrowplow AP81 deep ripper with hydraulic #9 shanks in the field

Australian-made subsoilers.

Agrowplow's range of deep tillage subsoilers and deep ripper ploughs are owned, designed and built in Australia for unparalleled performance in Australian soil conditions. Contact our sales team on 0429 393 350 to discuss the right machine for you.
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