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AD240 Agrowdrill with coulters machine option installed

Agrowdrill Machine Options

Increase the versatility of your seed drill.
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Seed Drill rear Tow Hitch for trailing implements

Rear Tow Hitch

Easily tow a Flexi-Roller, Rubber Tyre Roller, or any additional trailing implements. Available with optional hydraulic lines to support the Flexi-Roller's hydraulic lift kit [1].

Seed drill optional road transport kit with indicators and oversize sign

Road Transport Kit

Provides all you need for safe and legal transportation of the seed drill on public roads. Includes an oversize sign, two high-visibility flags, two indicator lights, a hazard light, and a work lamp for working in low-light conditions.

Compatible Machines: AD140, AD240, AD730

Presswheels can be installed on seed drills to close the furrow


Presswheels apply a downward pressure when rolling over the furrow, which helps to press the soil firmly around the seed. This ensures that the seed is in close contact with the soil, promoting better seed germination and establishment.

Additionally, presswheels help to close the furrow and lightly compact the soil, preventing the seed from being exposed or becoming dislodged and helps retain the moisture in the soil.

Compatible machines: AD140, AD240, AD730

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Agrowdrill coulters


Coulters are discs that attach to the front of a seed drill, creating a clear path ahead of the tynes by cutting through trash. Without coulters, tynes may cause too much soil disturbance, causing debris build up and blockages resulting in an irregular seedbed.

Coulters improve the accuracy of seeding by helping maintain a consistent seed depth. They facilitate seed growth by increasing moisture retention and minimising soil erosion.

Agrowplow's 14" coulter discs can come in plain or fluted varieties.

Compatible machines: AD140 (tyne models), AD240, AD730 (tyne models)

Small Seed Box seed drill option

Small Seed Box

Small seed boxes are suitable for sowing grasses and other small pasture seeds. The standard volume is 38 L per metre, with an option to increase the depth to 60 L per metre [2]. Row spacings and overall sowing widths can be customised.

Available as either an optional accessory for an Agrowdrill, or bought independently and mounted to a third-party seed drill with the drive and transport mechanism of your choice.

Suits: AD140, AD240, AD730

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AD140 with Harrows are a great option for viticulture


Harrows spread soil over the open furrows and smooth and level the soil. They are popular for use in viticulture seeding operations. [3]

Compatible Machines: AD083, AD140, AD240, AD730

Other Options

Seed Drill Options and Accessories - Bean Roller

Bean Roller

Bean rollers are an alternative seed roller assembly. They have deeper ribs to allow it to handle beans and larger seeds. They are typically installed in either the front box of a seed drill (requiring one roller per sowing row) or in both the front and rear box (requiring two rollers per sowing row).

Seed Drill Options and Accessories - Small Seed Tubes

Presswheel Small Seed Tubes

Presswheel small seed tubes are available for the AD140, AD240 and AD730 models. [5]

Seed Drill Options and Accessories - Small Seed Flexi Chute Bar

Small Seed Flexi Chutes

An option for the small seed box on the AD730. It delivers the seed from the SSB directly into the furrow left by the baker boot. The tubes have a hardfaced dragging edge which helps cover over the seed from the primary seed box and aligns the small seed into the furrow. [6]

Certain options are mutually exclusive and may not be beneficial in all circumstances. Refer to the machine specifications or consult your Agrowplow dealer for full options compatibility and use cases..

  1. RTH hydraulics are not available for the AD083.
  2. SSB's ordered with the AD240 & AD730 Agrowdrills are the deeper 60 L volume by default.
  3. Harrows are not compatible with presswheels.
  4. Double chuting available on AD240 & AD730 tyne models only
  5. Presswheel small seed tubes requires SSB and presswheels.
  6. The small seed flexi chute bar can not be paired with harrows.
AD240 Agrowdrill with coulters machine option installed

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