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South Australia Welcomes Another New AP102 Ultra-Deep Ripper

Lower Eyre Peninsula Farmer Ian Procter welcomes his new Agrowplow AP102 Deep Ripper, sold by Bascombe Auto Ag

Scott Bascombe shaking hands with new AP102 owner Ian Proctor

SA farmer Ian Procter from the lower Eyre Peninsula taking possession of his new AP102 deep ripper sold by local Agrowplow dealer Bascombe Auto-Ag

Ian Procter, a dedicated farmer from the picturesque Lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, recently had a momentous day on his agricultural journey - taking possession of his brand-new AP102 Deep Ripper after it's display at 2023 Yorke Peninsula Field Days.

Ian's choice to invest in the AP102 Deep Ripper was influenced by its reputation for excellence and the trust he places in his local Agrowplow dealer, Scott Bascombe of Bascombe Auto-Ag. Farmers like Ian, know that successful farming is built on sturdy relationships and reliable equipment, and with another AP102 with proven mileage and results already out in the fields in the region (also sold by Scott Bascombe) this collaboration was a natural choice.

What sets the AP102 apart is its strength and ability to rip down to 750mm, effectively breaking compacted soil layers, improve root access to essential nutrients and moisture, and ultimately enhance crop yields. Ian understands the importance of soil health and recognizes that investing in the right equipment can pay dividends in the long run.

Bascombe Auto-Ag, the local Agrowplow dealer, played a crucial role in ensuring that Ian's transition to the AP102 Deep Ripper was smooth and hassle-free. Their commitment to providing outstanding customer service and support has been instrumental in building strong relationships with local farmers like Ian.

Learn more about the Agrowplow AP102 Deep Ripper.

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