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The Agrowplow pasture seeder makes pasture renewal simple.

Featuring a sturdy trailing design, the pasture seeder operates using a robust direct drive mechanism to make application smooth and reliable, and maintenance simple. The pasture seeder has twin adjacent hoppers to ensure even seed distribution and is easily paired with a trailing rubber tyre roller or Flexiroller for the perfect seed bed finish.

Model Specifications
Sowing Rows

From 12 to 28

Working Width

2.1m up to 4.9m


38L/m or 60L/m

Tyne Spacing

150mm or 175mm

Superior Features as Standard

We've put the hard work in to bring you the toughest seed drill around. The pasture seeder stands out from the pack with its advanced features.

Direct Drive System

Direct Drive System

The Agrowdrill pasture seeder features a direct drive system that is easily adjusted and maintained via a forward-facing access door.

Large Hoppers

Large Hoppers

The twin hoppers offer either a 38 or 60L total capacity and as easily loaded.

Small Seed Rollers

Small Seed Rollers

The pasture seeder features small seed rollers that can sow a range of perennial pasture types including most grasses, clovers, and lucernes.

Easy manual height adjustment means you can quickly set the seeding depth to suit the conditions in your paddock.

With every pasture drill, our goal remains the same, to design a dependable seed drill that gets the job done right in less time


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