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Agrowdrill Pasture Seeder

Pasture Seeder (Band Seeder)

The Agrowdrill Pasture Seeder is a simple band seeder that offers a robust and reliable platform for pasture renovation.

The seeder is easily paired with a trailing Rubber Tyre Roller for a smooth seedbed finish.

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12 to 28

Sowing Rows

2.1 to 4.9 m

Working Widths

150 or 175 mm

Custom Spacings Available

38 or 60 L /m

Hopper Capacity

Band Seeder 24 row Agrowdrill

No fuss design.

Featuring a sturdy 100 x 100 x 6mm RHS trailing design, the Pasture Seeder operates using a robust direct-drive mechanism to make application smooth and reliable and can be easily adjusted and maintained via a forward-facing access door.

It's available with between 12 and 28 sowing rows spaced 150 or 175mm apart for working widths up to 4.9 metres. Custom spacings are available on request.

Simple sowing.

Simple sowing.

The Pasture Seeder features small seed rollers that can sow a range of perennial pasture types including most grasses, clovers, and lucernes.

Easy manual height adjustment of the drop-chutes means you can quickly set the seeding depth to suit the conditions in your paddock.

Pasture Seeder hopper

Easily loaded.

The Pasture Seeder's hopper has two lids to ensure even seed distribution, offering either a 38 L or deeper 60 L total capacity per metre.




The 100x100x6 mm RHS steel, fully welded frame has the strength to outlast and outperform in Australian conditions.


Powder-coated seed boxes and stainless steel valleys and calibration trays protect from corrosion.


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Pasture Seeder Specifications

Sowing Rows 12 14 16 20 24 28
Row Spacings 150 mm or 175 mm (custom spacings on request)
Working Width 2.10 m 2.40 m 2.80 m 3.50 m 4.20 m 4.90 m
Transport Width 2.80 m 3.10 m 3.50 m 4.20 m 4.90 m 5.60 m
Undercarriage Adjustable height drop-chutes
Hopper Capacity 38 L or 60 L (per metre)
Frame 100 x 100 x 6 mm RHS
No. Toolbars 1
Tyre Sizes 235/75 R15
Linkage Type Trailing
Weight 0.6 tonne (approx.)
Trailing Roller Options Flexi-Roller
Rubber Tyre Roller
Specifications may change without notice.

With every pasture drill, our goal remains the same: To design a dependable seeder that gets the job done right in less time.

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