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AD240 Agrowdrill with tyne assembly on white background


The ultimate pasture seed drill, featuring our renowned design melding tradition with modern technology and practicality.

The AD240 is the latest evolution of our very popular pasture renovator seed drill - your best choice for simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. Easily sow wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, plus grasses for pasture renovation in one simple machine.

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AD240 with road kit sowing in the field
The smart AD240 Agrowdrill seed drill is the perfect seeder

 425 Coil Tyne

125 or 150 mm

Row Spacings

3.0 / 3.6 / 3.5 m

Working Widths

2x 605 or 710 L

Dual seed/fertiliser capacity

Bake boot and coil tyne undercarriage

Built with our trusted 425 Coil Tyne.

Our 425 coil tyne assembly offers high breakouts (136kg) and excellent residual handling, making the AD240 ideal for a range of conditions including dry sowing and pasture renovation.

The simple 425 Coil tyne unit features the renowned Baker Boot opener and is capable of single or double chuting and zero-till operations for smarter sowing.

AD240 with coulters, presswheels, road kit, and small seed box

Sow more. Worry less.

The design of the AD240 places the wheels inside the working width which allows for sowing across the entire width of the machine.

The large dual-hopper capacity of up to 1420 L (total) minimises downtime reloading and can segregate seed and fertiliser, allowing both to be applied in a single pass whilst preventing cross-contamination.

AD240 tyned seed drill shown with coulters, presswheels, small seed box and road kit options

Pasture renovation.

Pasture renovation is essential for maintaining healthy pastures, ensuring optimal forage quality, and preventing weed infestations. Direct drilling is a powerful method for revitalizing damaged pastures by introducing new seed which enhances the overall health of the pasture and boosts the density of productive plant species.

The AD240 Agrowdrill is the ultimate pasture renovator. Capable of drilling directly into uncultivated dry soil, it can sow a wide variety of seed to renew unproductive pastures and improve your farm's income potential.

AD240 Drive system chain and clutch

Dependable drive system.

The drill features a mechanical chain drive system which is directly coupled to the stub axle. Sow almost anything at any rate with an infinitely variable gearbox and the direct-drive mechanical clutch enables adjustment of the sowing rate.

Easily fine-tune your calibration to allow high rate of fertiliser and low seed rates to suit your farming operation. Scales are included to aid in the calibration of seed and sowing rates.

Agrowdrill AD240 large dual hopper with powder coated lid

Simple and accurate sowing.

The AD240 pasture renovator comes with a hectare meter as standard for easy in-cab monitoring and shaft rotator indicators for quick visual confirmation that the drill is operating.

The robust and simple dog clutch disengages when lifted and engages when lowered - one less worry when turning your seed drill whilst sowing.

AD240 adjustable platform and mounted small seed box

Convenient and versatile.

The AD240 features an adjustable platform. This allows the operator to conveniently set the height to whatever is most comfortable for filling and cleaning the hoppers.

small seed box can be mounted directly onto the drill for sowing grasses and other small pasture seeds, with capacities of 38 or 60 L per metre.

Agrowdrill direct drill with coil tyne and baker boot point.

Superior performance.

Four toolbars with spacings of either 500 or 670 mm alongside the underframe clearance of 620 mm ensure trash flow performance is truly impressive.

To reduce impact on the seedbed, the drill can be equipped with 400/60 - 15.5 flotation tyres.

Farmers appreciate the modest tractor drawbar requirements ranging from 80 to 130 hp.

Agrowdrill 425 coil tyne undercarriage on a AD240 seed drill

Built to last.

The AD240's fully-welded frame is built with 100x100x6mm RHS steel for superior strength and performance to outlast and outperform in any condition.

The robust design of the 425 Coil Tyne ensures the assembly has the strength to last season after season.

The weather-proofed, powder-coated lid and box provide a long-lasting, high-quality finish.

AD240 hopper with powder coated lid

Efficient cleaning.

Save time and minimise corrosion with an Agrowdrill.

Simply set the lever to the box cleaning setting to open the gates and allow remnants to fall through. Cleaning is quick and simple, and protects the drill from premature wear and corrosion.

AD240 sowing seed in the paddock with presswheels closing the furrow
AD240 24 row 100mm spacings with machine options
Seed drill undercarriage 425 baker boot
Coulters in front of an AD240 coil tyne assembly



The AD240's 100x100x6 mm RHS steel, fully welded frame has the strength to outlast and outperform in any condition.

Longer Lifespan

Powder-coated seed boxes. Stainless steel valleys and calibration trays protect from corrosion.

Spare Parts

Shop spare parts and accessories for your machine with our comprehensive online store.

Built to your needs.

with our range of machine options, rollers, and accessories.

Machine Options

Increase the versatility of your AD240 with a range of options including presswheels, coulters, double-chuting, road kit, harrows, deep small seeds box, bean rollers, and rear-tow hitch.


Independent roller rings allow the Flexi-Roller to follow the contours of the earth, providing maximum ground contact and ensuring the best possible seedbed finish.

Rubber Tyre Roller

The gang of solid rubber tyres press firmly into the ground following seeding with enough weight to distribute the gentle compaction evenly across flat paddocks.

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AD240 Specifications

Model 20 x 150 24 x 125 24 x 150 28 x 125
Sowing Rows 20 24 24 28
Row Spacings 150 mm 125 mm 150 mm 125 mm
Working Width 3.00 m 3.00 m 3.60 m 3.50 m
Transport Width 3.08 m 3.105 m 3.68 m 3.68 m
Undercarriage Options 425 Coil Tyne: 620 mm clearance | 136 kg (300 lbs) breakout
Hopper Capacity Front 605 L 605 L 710 L 710 L
Rear 605 L 605 L 710 L 710 L
Frame 100 x 100 x 6 mm RHS
No. Toolbars / Spacing 4 / 500 / 670 mm
Tyre Sizes 11.5/80 - 15.3 implement tyres, OR
400/60 - 15.5 optional flotation tyres
(increases transport width by 237 mm)
Linkage Type Trailing with hydraulic lift
Weight 2.036 t 2.101 t 2.218 t 2.283 t
Drawbar Power 80-100 hp 80-100 hp 100-130 hp 100-130 hp
Machine Options Coulters
Bean roller
Road transport kit
Deep small seed box
Presswheel small seed tubes
Rear tow hitch
RTH hydraulic kit
Trailing Roller Options Flexi-Roller w/ or w/o hydraulic lift kit
Rubber Tyre Roller
Specifications may change without notice at any time.
With every pasture renovator, our goal remains the same: To design a dependable seed drill that gets the job done right, in less time.
AD240 Agrowdrill mixed farm seeger

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