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AP31 now supports 500 and 750mm spacings

AP31 now supports 500 and 750mm spacings

At Agrowplow, we're all about ensuring better yields through soil care. We deliver superior results by designing farm machinery based our forty years of experience in the industry, from the knowledge acquired through our own research, and from strategic partnerships with dedicated soil research teams. With many agronomists now recommending deep rippers with wider shank spacings, we knew it was time to look at our product lineup to ensure our own rippers are delivering on our promise of prosperity through soil care. 

The first ripper to benefit from this new research is the ever-reliable AP31. This little workhorse of a machine already offer excellent ripping outcomes through its Hyrbid No. 9 shank, sturdy frame quality, and flexible drawbar power requirements. Now we're excited to announce the AP31 is available in 500 and 750mm shank spacings with either five or six shanks. These new spacing options are available on the 2.97m working width AP31 with either rigid or hydraulic breakout shanks. The AP31 is also still available in 330mm spacings with either seven or nine shanks, and also still supports the range of trailing and shank options you can expect from this reliable machine, including trailing Flexiroller, inclusion plates, and sweeps. 

To order an AP31 in any of these new spacing options, talk to your local Agrowplow dealer. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you're first to hear when we release new products that can benefit your farm. 

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