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AP102 Ultra Deep Ripper with inclusion plates and sweeps on heavy-duty 750mm shanks

AP102 Agrowplow

Our most heavy-duty plough yet.

Rip without the limitations of strength, breakout or depth. Truly deep ripping with depths up to 750 mm and 15,000kg breakouts with our custom rigid HD shank.

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Exclusive to AP102

Up to 750 mm

Working Depth

3.5 / 4.0 / 5.25 / 6.0 m

Working Widths

643 / 666 / 700 / 750mm

Shank Spacings

AP102 deep ripper in the field shown with inclusion plates and sweeps
AP102 with shanks raised out of the ground in rocky terrain

Rip without limitation.

The AP102 was built for one thing - to penetrate the toughest conditions without skipping a beat. Whether faced with compacted soils or stubborn hardpans, this deep ripper powers through them with ease, reaching extreme depths of up to 750 mm.

The AP102 deep ripper doesn't compromise on strength, breakout capacity, or depth control. It's engineered to deliver the results you need without limitations. It's the tool that lets YOU take control of your soil's destiny, improving its structure and potential.

AP102 deep ripper with shanks featuring inclusion plates

Break boundaries, not equipment.

The AP102 raises the stakes with it's 300x300x16 mm RHS steel toolbar joined by 25 mm plates. This incredible strength ensures the AP102 can rip into the tightest conditions without fear of breakout or ridding up on hard pans or twisting or distorting the frame.

In the past, achieving these remarkable results often came at the cost of constant equipment strain and limited depth control. The AP102 deep ripper will be ready for whatever field and conditions you throw at it.

Break through boundaries, unlock your soil's potential, and cultivate success like never before.

deep ripping improves soil moisture filtration and increases crop yields

Improve your soil's potential.

From Sodic to Supple

Sodic soils, known for their high sodium content, can be a headache for farmers. They hinder root growth and water infiltration, limiting the potential of your land. The AP102 takes on this challenge head-on, breaking through the sodic layer down to the clay beneath, effectively transforming soil types and paving the way for healthier crops.

Unlocking Moisture Distribution

Water is the lifeblood of any farm, and its distribution within the soil is critical. The AP102 improves the soil's water filtration by creating pathways for moisture to penetrate deeper into the earth.

Agrowplow AP102 deep ripper with heavy-duty points and shinguards

Go beyond 600 mm.

Agrowplow's HD rigid shank was custom designed and built exclusively for the AP102 and is capable of depths of 750 mm

The 32mm bisalloy shank features a 68 tonne shearpin resulting in a breakout of 15,000 kg at the blade! That is over three times the breakout of the #9 shank that comes standard with all other Agrowplow models.

The shank features removable shinguards and comes standard with hardfaced points

AP102 at a field day event

Configured for excellence.

The AP102 is available in 3.5, 4.5, 5.25 and 6.0 m working widths in 5, 7 or 9 shank configurations.

A hydraulic level lift is included as standard, allowing full depth and angle control all from the tractor, allowing operators to quickly and easily adjust to changing soil conditions.

The optional rear tow hitch can host a Flexi-Roller Mk2 or additional trailing implements.

Agrowplow representative holding up an award on top of the AP102

Award Winning Design

Our AP102 was the winner of the 2022 Eyre Peninsula Field Day 'Best New Release' award.

"This is an absolute monster of a ripper!"

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Superior performance in tough Australian conditions.

Longer Lifespan

Keep going season after season.

Spare Parts

Comprehensive online spare parts store.

AP102 and the HD Rigid Shank on a white background

Machine and Shank Options

Enhance the versatility of your AP102 plough.

The AP102's rigid shank can be fitted with inclusion plates and 400 mm wide sweeps. There is also an inversion point and shinguard option for weed management or to bury the water repellent topsoil.

Add a rear-tow hitch to host a trailing soil roller such as the Agrowplow Flexi-Roller or additional trailing implements.

Blade and Shinguard Styles

HD Shank Standard Hardfaced point



Built exclusively for the AP102 deep ripper, this heavy-duty hardfaced point is built tough and ready for the rigours of ripping down to 750 mm.

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HD Shank inversion point with hardfacing



Hardfaced inversion point for the AP102 plough. Should be fitted on the HD Shank alongside the inversion shinguard.

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HD Shank inversion shinguard with hardfacing




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HD Shank Options

HD Shank 400mm sweeps


The 400mm wide sweeps increase the volume of soil lifted and fractured during ploughing, allowing for greater topsoil mixing without disturbing the soil layer.

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Shank inclusion plate deep 110mm


Allows surface-applied ameliorants to be mixed into the subsurface soil layer. Comes with wear plates to protect the assembly.

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AP102 Specifications

AP102 7 x 700 7 x 643 7 x 750 9 x 666
Working Rows 5 7 7 9
Row Spacings 700 mm 643 mm 750 mm 666 mm
Working Width 3.50 m 4.50 m 5.25 m 6.00 m
Max. Working Depth 750 mm
Shank Style HD Rigid Shank
Breakout Rigid 15,000 kg (33,070 lbs)
Drawbar Power 200-300 hp 400+ hp 500+ hp
Frame 300 x 300 x 16 mm RHS
No. Toolbars 2
Hydraulic Level Lift Yes
Linkage Type Trailing with 2" or 2 3/4" drawbar pin
Wheel Type 15.5/80-24 163A8/169A6 grip-star
CTF Spacings 2.82 m 3.82 m 4.46 m 5.32 m
Transport Width 3.25 m 4.25 m 4.90 m 5.75 m
Weight 6,000 kg 7,500 kg 7,700 kg 9,000 kg
Shank Options Inclusion plates
Machine Options Rear tow hitch
Hydraulic hose kit for RTH
Trailing Roller Options Flexi-Roller Mk2 / Mk2 HD
Flexi-Roller hydraulic lift kit

Some shank options are mutually exclusive or may be used only under specific circumstances or with particular configurations. Shank options may increase draft requirements. Consult your dealer before considering these options.

All effort has been made to ensure the information presented is correct however, features and specifications may change without notice. Weights, dimensions and specifications are an estimate for standard configurations only and may change slightly during the manufacturing process.

Agrowplow AP102 plough at Eyre Peninsula field day 2022

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