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A compact and accurate solution to ensuring a high quality seedbed finish with good seed-to-soil contact.

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Strong, Robust & Durable

65 x 65 mm

Bar Mount

125 / 150 / 175+ mm

Row Spacings

AD140, AD240, AD730

Compatible Agrowdrills

Presswheels can be installed on seed drills to close the furrow

Maximise crop emergence.

Agrowplow's spring-tensioned presswheels ensure great seed-to-soil contact and seed placement during planting, increasing crop emergence and moisture retention.

Our presswheels are precisely aligned with the seeding rows to press the earth firmly around the seed, closing the furrow, ensuring that the seed is in close contact with the soil and protected from exposure.

Perfect seedbed finish.

Perfect seedbed finish.

Each arm is individually mounted, which allows the presswheels to undulate as they pass over small hills and gullies. You can be confident of a perfect seedbed finish even on uneven ground.

The 15" tyres are available with a wide or 82 mm wedge profile depending on the desired soil finish.

Easy and compact.

Easy and compact.

The 60 x 60 mm RHS Presswheel Bar is mounted to the last toolbar of the seed drill, reducing draft requirements and providing a significantly more compact solution compared to larger seed finishing implements.

Each arm is easy to attach, align, reposition, or remove for easy maintenance access.

Overall presswheel down-pressure can be adjusted by raising or lowering the entire bar assembly.

Strong and durable.

Strong and durable.

Agrowplow presswheels are built in Australia to withstand the toughest conditions and engineered with unmatched precision and durability. The super heavy-duty build provides exceptional performance and reliability season after season.

The single assembly weight is 20 kg and the dual-wheel assembly weight is 29.5 kg.

AD730 Agrowdrill is a large capacity broadacre seed drill up to 5m

Fit to any drill.

Presswheels are available for the AD140, AD240 and AD730 series Agrowdrills and can be factory fitted on a new machine or installed after purchase.

Agrowplow Presswheels can be retrofitted aftermarket to third-party seed drills with a suitable bar mount and can be assembled and fitted without requiring specialist tools or expert assistance.

Spare parts are available on the Agrowplow online store, making it easy to order entire assemblies, replacements and spares.

Seed Drill Options and Accessories - Small Seed Tubes

Presswheel options.

Single wheel units are available for spacings above 175 mm whilst dual wheel units are available to reduce the overall cost-per-row for narrower 125 and 150 mm spacings.

Optional small seed tubes are available to allow seeds from the small seeds box to be delivered directly in front of each presswheel, ensuring they are subject to uniform pressure to maximise germination.

The better choice.

The better choice.

  • Australian-made, not imported.
  • Fit to any seed drill.
  • Engineered with unmatched precision and durability.
  • Crafted to withstand the toughest farming conditions.
  • Deliver exceptional performance and reliability season after season. 
  • The best-built presswheel on the market.
  • Ensure optimal seed germination and maximise crop yields.

Contact us for a presswheel solution for your machine, or shop individual assemblies via our online store.

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