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Agrowplow AP51

Next level strength

Shatter deep compacted hardpans up to 450mm for mid size farming.

Behind the release of the AP51 was a desire to develop a mid size plow featuring our newest style shank assembly and the same in built strength that matched the largest of our deep ripper models.

Model Specifications
Drawbar Power

up to 330hp.

Working Width

3.42m or 4.18m

Shank Style

#9 Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing


Smart ripping features

Smart ripping features

The heavy-duty frame and our innovative #9 Shank Assembly is the perfect combination to shatter deep compacted hardpans up to 450mm, making it perfect for mid-size farms and contractors. The rigid recoil shank has a huge 4,790kg breakout at the blade and the hydraulic recoil option has over 1,800kg breakout at the blade. 

Built to your needs

Built to your needs

The AP51 deep ripper is available in 9 or 11 shank models and supports a range of additional shank options including fertiliser tubes, coulters, and inclusion plates to meet the needs of any farm. It can also be equipped with a mounted Flexiroller or trailing options to ensure the perfect seedbed every time.

Superior Features as Standard

We've put the hard work in to bring you the toughest seed drill around. The AP51 stands out from the pack with its advanced Agrowplow features.


150x150x9mm RHS steel frame for long-lasting performance in Australia's tough conditions

Longer Lifespan

Highly durable and long lasting powder coated finished

Easy Manoeuvrability

The AP31 plough attaches to the tractors 3 point linkage allowing for easy raise and lowering.

Behind every Agrowplow build is our committment to develop soil care products for improved, sustainable agriculture

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