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Engineering benefits for the AD140 to increase its adaptability

Engineering benefits for the AD140 to increase its adaptability

Several upgrades to our AD130 have resulted in a versatile machine that offers up to three seed boxes while being easy to transport by road.

The newer model is already being shipped throughout the eastern Australian seaboard for mixed farming operations. 

The seeder features a stronger arm made of RHS steel, which is available in a 10, 12, 16 or 20 run. It can also feature Presswheels or Coulters.

This means the machine can get between vineyard rows, as well as manage broadacre sowing. It also comes with the choice of Agrowplow’s 425 Coil Tyne or 401 Double Disc undercarriages. The narrow widths also make the AD140 easy to transport by road as it does not require an escort.

This allows farmers to get optimal seed placement regardless of the conditions. The tyne undercarriage offers a robust, tried and true sowing platform for a variety of operations. Disc undercarriages allow users to easily cut through vineyard trash like pruning cuttings and navigate rocky country while maintaining minimum-till principles.

They are available in single or dual hopper variants with 150mm row spacings. 

The standard stainless steel dual trays discourage rust. An optional small seeds box can be fitted for sowing grasses such as lucerne, clover and ryegrass, in addition to the dual box system. 

Customer demand has led to improvements in the A-frame. There’s now a toe tongue ball swivel hitch to provide an articulated joint that reduces wear.

It also allows for trailing options such as harrows and rubber tyre rollers, allowing farmers to achieve the ideal seed-bed to promote germination.

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