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AP11 Upgrades

AP11 Upgrades

The humble AP11 has been upgraded with a thicker toolbar, bringing the frame size from 100x100x6mm to 100x100x9mm. This change means users benefit from a more durable frame that extends the working life of the ripper and reduces the likelihood of wear and tear. It also streamlines our production processes: with fewer steel variants to manage, production will be a little more efficient and ultimately result in decreased lead times - which means dealers get their orders quicker and farmers get their machines in the ground sooner. 

The AP11 has also been upgraded to our newest line of No.9 Hybrid Shanks, offering a working depth of 400mm along with the upgraded blade and full-length shinguards that make the No.9 Hybrid Shank the sturdiest and most reliable shank Agrowplow offers. 

And while these upgrades increase the overall frame weight of the AP11 plough, they has no impact on drawbar power. This means that even tractors with as little as 80 horsepower can benefit from the superior subsoil fracturing offered by the AP11.  

For customers with larger operations, Agrowplow’s range of wider deep rippers still offer best in class performance and reliability for superior subsurface fracturing and greater returns. The AP31 offers flexible shank spacings up to 750mm wide; the AP71 gives superior durability with a range of shank options; and the AP91 fractures at a huge 600mm deep for hardpan shattering as deep as you'll ever need to go.

The upgraded toolbar thickness and No.9 Hybrid Shanks will be in all new Agrowplow AP11 machines from February 2020. 
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