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Inclusion Plates

SKU 023-2001
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Inclusion plate with wear plates. Wear plates can be easily replaced saving huge cost in material and time. Designed for the #9 shank and may suit any shank of any brand that has 22mm hole spacings. Built from a highly wear-resistant material. Comes standard with bolts, washers and nuts. Inclusion plates will affect tractor draft requirements and recoil action. If attached to a non-standard plough (not an Agrowplow #9 Shank), plates and may clash with other components during recoil. Limitations may apply to placing inclusion plates on shanks in the front row of a plough, check shank clearance during recoil for suitability.

Inclusion plates add approximately 10-20hp to the drawbar requirement for each shank. 

Depth: Deep
Width: 110mm