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Increase Yields in Sandy Soil with Deep Ripping and Top Soil Slotting

Increase Yields in Sandy Soil with Deep Ripping and Top Soil Slotting

"Trials in the Western Australian Wheatbelt have found deep ripping combined with topsoil slotting can increase yields from sandy soils by more than deep ripping alone" (Department of Agriculture and Food, 2016)

Agrowplow inclusion plates open 'slots' below the surface of the soil behind deep ripping tines to help direct the loosened topsoil into the furrow.

Other soil constraints such as soil acidity, sodicity and non wetting soils can be alleviated using topsoil slotting. Applying soil ameliorants such as organic matter, lime and gypsum at the time of top soil slotting.

"Top soil slotting, with soil inclusion plates attached to the rear of deep ripper tines, could deliver increased yield from deep sandy soils" (Department of Agriculture and Food, 2016).

Agrowplow Inclusion plates are available in a range of sizes for shallow and deep top soil slotting and can bolt on to any shank that has 22mm hole spacings. And better still, the protection plates can be easily replaced saving huge cost in material and time. Plus are built from a highly wear resistant material.

The plates feature a PVC trash roller pipe to help prevent stubble blockages while working.

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