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Agrowdrill 425 coil tyne undercarriage on a AD240 seed drill

Agrowdrill Undercarriages

Our range of coil, spring, and disc undercarriages seamlessly blend precision and versatility, offering you the best of both worlds in seed drilling technology. Whether you prioritize pinpoint accuracy in seed placement or the adaptability to handle diverse soil conditions, our undercarriages are engineered to meet your needs. Discover the perfect balance for your farming operation, enhancing both efficiency and yield potential with your Agrowdrill.
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Coil Tyne & Disc Assemblies

425 Coil Tyne

The Agrowdrill 425 coil tyne has been a mainstay of our seed drills for years – and with good reason!

The robust design ensures the tyne has the strength to last season after season for sowing in wet, dry, or high-trash conditions.. The inverted-T shape of the Baker Boot point opens a groove in the soil designed to minimise soil disturbance and ensure effective seed placement.

The 425 coil tyne has a maximum breakout of 136kg (300lbs), an underframe clearance of 620mm, and is available as an undercarriage option on the AD083, AD140, and AD240 seed drills.

401 Double Disc

The 401 Double Disc is ideal for zero-tillage sowing applications. It comes with a matched pair of plain and notched discs that open a narrow funnel for the seed whilst ensuring maximum trash flow. The spacing between the discs can be modified with optional spacers to better suit a range of soil conditions. The self-cleaning design breaks through stubble and trash to create a clean soil furrow with minimal soil disturbance.

The 401 Double Disc Unit has a downforce of 205kg (2010N), an underframe clearance of 620mm, and is an available undercarriage option for the AD083, AD140, and AD730 seed drills.

Spring Tyne Assemblies

251 Spring Tyne

The 251 Spring Tyne offers users a robust solution to meet the needs of large-scale direct drilling.

The Baker Boot point creates a soil micro-climate ideal for seed germination and maximising crop potential. It has the strength to handle seeding in a variety of conditions whilst maintaining the accuracy and reliability that Agrowdrills are renowned for.

The 251 Spring Tyne has a maximum breakout of 114kg (251lbs), an underframe clearance of 620mm, and has been designed for the AD730.

552 HD Spring Tyne

This is a heavy-duty tyne for the AD730 Agrowdrill, with a breakout of more than double the 251 tyne, and a higher underframe clearance of 750mm.

Featuring toughened tungsten-hardfaced wedge points, the 552 HD Spring Tyne's sturdy construction makes it capable of drilling deeper for longer through the toughest terrain, including sandy, hard, and dry soil conditions.

The 552 HD Spring Tyne has a large breakout of 250kg (550lbs) and is exclusive to the Agrowdrill AD730 seed drill.

Which undercarriage is right for me?

When it comes to choosing between a tyne or disc opener undercarriage configuration for your seed drill, each option comes with its own set of advantages and considerations.
Agrowplow 425 coil tyne with 620mm underframe clearance

The Tyne Undercarriage

Tyne undercarriages have a longstanding reputation amongst farmers for their versatility and durability. Generally coming as either a spring or coil rebound design, tynes can effectively handle a wide range of soil types and conditions, making them a reliable choice for various farming environments.

Tyned drills are also known for their ability to cope with tough residue and trash, particularly when paired with leading coulters, which can be especially advantageous in no-till or minimum-till farming systems.

Features of tyned seed drills

  • Versatility and durability
  • More surface disturbance
  • Less soil smearing in wet conditions
  • Good trash performance
  • Cost-effective option


Coulters give the best of both worlds, with the coulter discs clearing a path ahead of the baker boot and tyne assembly, cutting through soil residues and trash.

Coulters help prevent trash build up, which decreases seed accuracy potentially leading to uneven seed germination. Coulters are generally set to cut slightly shallower than the seeding depth and help decrease soil scatter and disturbance.

Is a tyne right for me?

If adaptability and resilience are high on your priority list, the tyne undercarriage could be the right fit for your operation. Adding coulters can enhance the drills versatility and performance in high-trash conditions.

AD083 with 401 double disc undercarriage has 620mm clearance

The Disc Undercarriage

Disc undercarriages have gained popularity in recent years for their precision planting capabilities. They excel in providing consistent seed depth control and placement, which is crucial for optimizing crop yields, and offer significant benefits such as reduced drawbar requirements, higher operating speeds, and improved efficiency.

Double Disc Openers vs Single Disc

Double disc openers offer superior trash handling capabilities to single disc units, which tend to collect grass and residue quickly, reducing their ground opening ability and seed placement accuracy. This is particularly important when planting in soil that has not been tilled for many years

Triple disc openers add a leading coulter before the double-disc unit. Parallelogram ground-following undercarriage designs provide a constant down pressure independent to the weight of the seed drill, and include a presswheel immediately after the seed tube.

Agrowdrill double disc unit with fluted disc and plain disc

Disc vs Tyne Openers

Discs are generally better than tynes when sowing in rocky conditions. They also leave a smoother soil profile and will assist in reducing water runoff.

The slim profile of the discs allows for closer row spacings to maximise accuracy and cropping efficiency.

Moreover, disc drills are known for minimal soil disturbance during the planting process, increasing moisture retention and preserving the soil structure and associated microorganisms that contribute to soil health.

24 row AD730 with double disc undercarriage

Advantages of Disc Undercarriages

  1. Consistent Seeding Depth: Disc openers ensure even seed placement for uniform germination.
  2. Effective Trash Handling: They handle crop residue well, keeping the planting area clear.
  3. Minimal Soil Disturbance: Double Disc undercarriages disturb the soil less, preserving its structure and reducing soil erosion from wind or water.
  4. Lower Draft Forces: Because of the way they open the soil, disc drills reduce the drawbar power needed for operation, making them more cost-effective regarding fuel.
  5. Speedy Sowing: They enable a faster sowing speed, increasing efficiency.

Is it best for me?

If you're seeking precision in high-trash or rocky conditions, the Agrowdrill 401 Double Disc undercarriage may be your ideal choice.

Still not sure?

Contact our sales team on 0429 393 350 to discuss the right undercarriage option for you, or speak to your local Agrowplow dealer.
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