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Ultra Deep Ripping: Transforming Soil Types in SA

Deep ripping improves water filtration within the soil and breaks through sodic layers down to the clay beneath, effectively transforming soil types and paving the way for healthier crops.

Ultra Deep Ripping: Transforming Soil Types in SA
The AP102 Agrowplow was designed specifically to rip down to 750mm with the HD rigid shank featuring a breakout at the blade of over 15 tonne.

The Yorke Peninsula Field Days recently bore witness to the AP102 Deep Ripper, a game-changer in the world of deep ripping. With it’s ability to rip to 750mm depths and with an ultra-strong heavy-duty 300 x 300 x 16mm RHS toolbar, it's no wonder that South Australian farmers have quickly taken to this remarkable implement.

Scott Bascombe of Bascombe Auto Ag, who consulted alongside Agrowplow engineers in the plough's development, shared his insights into why the AP102 Deep Ripper is making waves in the region.

“It is able to rip into the tightest conditions to extreme depths without limitation of break out or ridding up on hard pans," Scott said.

This is a particular issue for South Australian soils, where sodicity is a constant headache for farmers. The AP102 takes this challenge head-on, with it's ability to break through the sodic layer down to the clay beneath, effectively transforming the soil type and paving the way for healthier more productive crops.

Why South Australia Loves the AP102 Deep Ripper

A Solution Where Others Fall Short

"We used to try and break through the sodic layer with Agrowplow AP72's equipped with the 600mm #9 Shank," explains Scott. "But this combination would either constantly break out, or ride up on the hard layer."

These limitations created frustration amongst local SA farmers as it hindered ripping progress, costing time and money. The AP102 was designed to handle all these tasks without compromise. It's a testament to its strength, breakout capacity, and the depth it can achieve.

Deep Rip With No Limits

One of the standout features of the AP102 Deep Ripper is its ability to penetrate even the toughest soil conditions to extreme depths. Unlike its predecessors, it doesn't suffer from the issues of breakout or riding up on hard pans. This means that South Australian farmers can confidently tackle the most challenging terrains, breaking through sodic layers down to the clay beneath. This breakthrough not only improves soil types but also enhances water filtration in the soil, allowing moisture to penetrate deeper.

Local Development

South Australia's agricultural landscape can be challenging, with diverse soil types and varying conditions. Scott Bascombe's involvement in the award winning AP102’s development ensures that the plough meets the specific needs of the region.

The Benefits of Ripping in Sodic Soils

Transforming Soil Type

Sodic soils, known for their high sodium content hinder root growth and water infiltration, limiting the potential of the land. Deep ripping breaks through the sodic layer down to the clay beneath, effectively transforming soil types and paving the way for healthier crops.

Unlocking Moisture Filtration

Water is the lifeblood of any farm, and its distribution within the soil is critical. Deep ripping improves water filtration within the soil. By creating pathways for moisture to penetrate deeper into the earth, it ensures crops have access to water where and when they need it most.

AP102 Features & Specifications

Row, spacings & working width configurations

  • 5 shank x 700 mm (3.50 m working width)
  • 7 shank x 643 mm (4.50 m working width)
  • 7 shank x 750 mm (5.25 m working width)
  • 9 shank x 666 mm (6.00 m working width)

RHS Frame: 300 x 300 x 16 mm
Linkage: Trailing with hydraulic level lift
Required Drawbar Power: 400 to 500+ hp
Machine Options: Rear tow hitch, trailing Flexi-Roller 

HD Shank Specifications:

  • Breakout: 15,000 kg (measured at the blade)
  • Working depth: 750 mm (max)
  • Shank Features: Removable blades and shinguards
  • Shank Options: Inclusion plates and/or 400mm sweeps

Farmers appreciate the AP102 for its ability to conquer the toughest terrains and improve soil quality without the limitations of previous equipment. It's not just a plough; it's a tool that unlocks the potential of the land, by increasing productivity and improving soil health.

Learn more about the AP102

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