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AP102 with inclusion plates, sweeps and rear tow hitch

Deep Tillage Ploughs

Shatter subsurface soil compaction with minimal soil disturbance with our range of deep ripper ploughs. Experience better plant root penetration, longer moisture retention, and healthier and more productive soils for higher crop yields with an Agrowplow.
BENEFITS OF DEEP RIPPING The #9 Shank Difference

Compact Rippers & Subsoilers

Specialty Tillage

Mid-Broadacre Agrowplow Rippers

Large-Broadacre Deep Tillage Agrowplows

Agrowplow AP81 deep ripper with hydraulic #9 shanks in the field

Australian-made subsoilers.

Agrowplow's range of deep tillage subsoilers and deep rippers are owned, designed and built in Australia for unparalleled performance in Australian soil conditions. Contact our sales team on 0429 393 350 to discuss the right machine for you.
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