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AP91 Machine Setup

AP91 Machine Setup

Tools/Equipment Required

  • Basic hand tools
  • 30mm (¾ inch) delve socket
  • 30mm (¾ inch) drive rattle gun
  • Torque wrench capable of 370nm
  • 20L hydraulic oil and drum pump

Dealer setup tips at workshop

  1. Install A-frame and secure hydraulics
  2. Connect to tractor or install jack
  3. Upack 3rd row of shanks and fit to machine 
  4. Tighten bolts in an opposite pattern and ensure they are tightened evenly
  5. Fold down 4th row outriggers and tighten 
  6. Check all cylinders are full of oil, top up as required (1.5L per cylinder)
  7. Connect to tractor if not already 
  8. Lift up frame and remove/ slide up transport stands
  9. Remove wing fold transport braces
  10. Take out to the paddock and bleed shanks six times
  11. Check wing fold action and inspect machines for oil leaks
  12. Inspect all bolts and tighten as required
  13. Fit wing fold pin prior to transport.
  14. Lift up wheel lift rams and install transport ram stops. 
  15. Drive the Agrowplow out to farm at 30kmp/h

Farm set up and PDI/ SUI

  1. Advise of safety concerns, unsupported hydraulics, contamination and oil injection etc as per pre-delivery and safe use instructions
  2. Connect the tractor that is operating the machine
  3. Remove wing fold pins and wheel lift rams stops
  4. Install all ISO fittings and check all hydraulics for correct operation
  5. Check all hydraulics work correctly
  6. Inspect wheel lift flow and adjust as required to desired rate. Approx 20-30L/min
  7. Advise the customer of operating limits, ripping speeds, preventative maintenance, and that bolts should be retorqued after 50 hours of use. Refer to bolt torque chart in the operators manual
  8. Show the customer how to change out common wear parts, including blades, dog bones, and shinguards
  9. Demonstrate how to bleed the hydraulic system
  10. Fill in the PDI/SUI paperwork 
  11. Carry out infield tests 

Infield test

  1. Check that the Agrowplow is set up level, and advise when is ok for it not to be level 
  2. Advise of maximum ripping speeds on any Agrowplow hydraulic breakout ripper (6km/hr)
  3. Carry out ripping and ensure the machine is level once again, place 2-inch donuts in hydraulic level adjust ram
  4. Show the customer how to access spare parts manuals 
  5. Advise of pack up procedure when finished ripping:  remove hydraulic pressure, place of blades to remove excessive pressure on hydraulics over time 
  6. Spray with oil and diesel or lanolin mix to prevent unwanted rust
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