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Top five tips on buying a used seed drill

Are you looking at selling a used seeder? There's often a great bargain to be had if buying new is outside a customer's budget.

How serviceable is it?

You want to be confident about if this machine is going to suit your market. Check to identify whether the undercarriage has tyne or disc openers, what the undercarriage spacings are and if it’s a single or dual box. 

Make sure you know if you're able to order in parts easily. 

Check the plastics 

Most plastics have a lifespan in excess of 10 years, but this can vary greatly depending on the machine’s servicing history.

Check seed rollers for wear, if the roller gates are intact and if roller housings are cracking. 

Also look for broken seed cup tabs on roller housings. Agrowdrill housings can be easily repaired using our cup and housing repair clip

Check the verandahs and other metals for rust

Check metalwork around the box bottom and everything under the box for rust. Agrowdrill machines have stainless steel verandahs that are rust resistant. However, the corrosive nature of fertilisers means some rusting will always happen. Some rust spots are to be expected and can be dealt with easily with rust paint. Years of abuse, however, will mean widespread rust patches on the verandahs and other metalwork.

Ask for unique calibration info

Ask about special calibration knowledge. It’s common for seed drills to develop some variation from the standard calibration factors. The current owner should know, for example, if their machine sows light or the calibration chart is more accurate when sowing over 100kg per hectare. 

Look for custom modifications

Has the current owner added any of their own modifications to the seed drill? Many farmers customise their implements to suit specific needs and conditions. When customisations are not available directly from a manufacturer, farmers develop their own solutions. 

While this isn’t itself a problem, you should know what these custom solutions are and how they may impact the new owner. Some modifications will impact a machine’s drawbar requirements, sowing actions, serviceability and warranty terms.

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