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Agrowplow AP91 Specifications

Model 11x545 17x529 23x522
Working Rows 11 (16 Shanks) 17 (26 Shanks) 23 (34 Shanks)
Row Spacings 545mm 529mm 522mm
Working Width 6m 9m 12m
Transport Width 5.7m 6.85m/9.5m 6.8m/11.9m
Shank Styling No.9 Shank (Leading/Trailing)
Drawbar Power 350-450hp >400hp >500hp
Rigid Shear Pin Breakout 6.214kgs
Hydraulic Breakout Leading 1.846kgs
Trailing 1.597kgs
Maximum Working Depth 600mm
Toolbar 200x200x9mm RHS
Sections 1 3 3
Section Float N/A 10" down and 20" up wing ground following
Tyres 15.5/80-24 163A8/169A6 grip-star
Linkage Trailing, level lift w/2" or 2 3/4" drawbar pin
Machine Options Rear Tow Hitch
Rear Tow Hitch Hydraulics
Shank Options Coulters
Fertiliser Tubes
Inclusion Plates
Mulch Blades
Trailing Options Flexi-Roller (Trailing)
Flexi-Roller Hydraulic Lift Kit
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