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How to service the Agrowdrill gearbox

Replacing the oil in your varibox is recommended to ensure correct function and longevity

The varibox gearboxes used in Agrowdrill models help ensure your seed drill's drive assembly continues to function smoothly over the life of the drill. 

Agrowdrill seeders have two different gearbox models. The recommended oil for both these models is the same. 

What grade of oil to use

You should use a diesel engine oil grade 15W-40. Note that using a different oil grade may void the warranty on your gearbox. 

How much oil to use

Most variboxes use between 3-4L of oil. They come with a level plug to provide a quick visual confirmation of the correct oil level. 

How often to check the oil level

The oil level should be checked annually before sowing. 

How often to change the oil

You should perform a complete oil change every three years. 

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