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425 Tyne Wedge

SKU 115-3010
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This wedge helps to fit the 425 coil tyne assembly to the Agrowdrill 100x100mm RHS toolbar. Horizontal tynes will require 115-3010. It is also suitable for 425 tynes made prior to 2019. 

Vertically-mounted tynes (453-4015 and 453-4016) used on machines produced from 2016 to 2019 use a wedge with an additional location hole that prevents the tyne from slipping and causing unnecessary wear. It is secured using roll pin 140-4135 (not included). 

Vertical tynes used on machines produced after 2019 use a similar tyne wedge with an offset location hole (115-3074) and roll pin. 

Old part no. 115-310 

Orientation: Horizontal