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Shank Assembly #9 Inversion

SKU 024-1001
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Inversion shank assembly mounted in #9 rigid shank carrier with shear pin recoil, suits 200x200 RHS. It is available in 450 or 600mm shank lengths. 

The inversion shank is designed to lift soil from the bottom of the working depth up toward the surface. It disrupts soil layering and intermixes the soil structure while still fracturing and aerating the soil structure.

The inversion shank takes more pulling force to pull through the ground than then #9 shank. Therefore will result in higher pulling force required and/or the shank assembly will break out at shallower working depths. If the inversion shank is recoiled, it will not perform correctly and continued use may result in increased wear or damage to the assembly.

Shank length: 450mm