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Simple and efficient

The smarter deep ripper for broadacre enterprises

Boost crop yields hectare after hectare with efficient hardpan shattering up to 600mm deep, allowing deep moisture retention and healthier plant root development.

Model Specifications
Drawbar Power

up to 690hp

Working Width

9m or 12m

Shank Style

#9 Shank Assembly

Shank Spacing

529mm or 522mm

Smart configuration

Smart configuration

Two fully-welded toolbars support 17 or 23 shank configurations in a choice of rigid or hydraulic breakouts. The dual toolbars offer ripping widths of 9m or 12 metres wide on CTF-standard spacings.

Smart ripping features

Smart ripping features

Select either rigid or hydraulic breakouts, all based on Agrowplow's renowned #9 Shank Assembly. The #9 shank features a straight shank with a narrow profile that allows it to shatter compacted soil up to 600mm deep and reduce drawbar requirements. Full-length shinguards and Agrowplow's #9 blade offer unrivalled protection for your shanks, improving the overall lifespan of the wear parts.

Hydraulic Level Lift

Hydraulic Level Lift

An optional hydraulic level lift allows full depth and angle control all from the tractor, allowing operators to quickly and easily adjust to changing soil conditions. In addition, hydraulically-driven wings fold up to bring the width under 7m to reduce escort requirements when transporting the machine. 

Make it Yours

Make it Yours

Improve your production outcome with a range of options for your AP81 including hydraulically driven level lift hitch, coulters, fertiliser tubes and shank options such as wide wing points and inclusion plates, mulch blades and sweeps.

Superior Features as Standard

We've put the hard work in to bring you the toughest agrowplow around. The AP81 stands out from the pack with its advanced Agrowdrill features.


200x200x9mm RHS steel frame for long-lasting performance in Australia's tough conditions

Longer Lifespan

Highly durable and long lasting powder coated finished

Behind every Agrowplow build is our committment to develop soil care products for improved, sustainable agriculture

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