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Choosing the Right Seed Drill (Part 2): Single vs Double Disc

Single disc openers are ideal for heavy soils and high residue conditions, ensuring precise seed placement and minimal disease risk. Double disc openers excel in light soils and allow for faster planting, making them suitable for well-prepared ground. Learn more about their unique benefits and applications in this article.

Triple Disc Seeder with Coulter and Double Disc

Single disc openers excel in heavier soils by creating a precise seed furrow, acting like a knife to achieve accurate seed placement. Their aggressive nature helps crush clods for better moisture retention and pushes aside stones, making them ideal for conditions with high residue and straw, which they effectively cut to avoid hairpinning and reduce disease risk. Double disc openers, with their two angled discs and centrally placed seed tube, are better suited for light soils and can plant at higher speeds in well-prepared ground. They are often considered more precise, especially for shallow seeding, although they are less effective at handling straw and residue without hairpinning issues​.

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