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Recommended restrictor and gate settings

Adjust your Agrowdrill seed roller restrictors to suit fine or coarse seed and fertiliser

The seed rollers in Agrowdrill seed drills have both a fine and a coarse side. This allows large and small seeds to be accurately metered without having to completely rebuild your seed roller assembly. 

Parts of a seed roller and restrictorHow to reposition restrictors

  1. Grasp the rear arm of the restrictor and gently twist the arm sideways to release it from under the adjustable stopper and remove it. 
  2. Reinsert the restrictor into the new position or leave out as required. You should feel the restrictor click firmly into place. 

CAUTION: Check the hopper is free of obstructions. Do not use material which is not granular and consistent. Sieve any material which might have clumps or been exposed to moisture. Do not use fertilizer which has been left exposed to the air or has started to cake.

Recommended restrictor and gate settings

Use the information below in combination with the Agrowdrill calibration procedure to correctly calibrate your seed drill for a range of common seeds and fertilisers. 

Illustration of recommended restrictor positions


Gate setting

Restrictors fitted

Lupins 1 None
Barley 0.6 2 of 4
Oats 0.8 None
Wheat 0.6 2 of 4
Sorghum 0.6 2 of 4
Canola 0.2 3 of 4 (leave fine tooth exposed)
Sub clover 0.2 3 of 4 (leave fine tooth exposed)
Lucerne 0.2 3 of 4 (leave fine tooth exposed)
Ryegrass 0.2 2 of 4
Single super 0.8 None or 2 of 4
DAP 0.6 None or 2 of 4
Urea 0.6 2 of 4


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