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Soil. It's one of our most precious assets. If farming is to be sustainable we must first improve the soil structure. Here are Agrowplow, soil care and innovation drives our team. Every day we are committed to pursuing and developing the latest innovation in 'Soil Care' products for improved, sustainable agriculture.

The founders of Agrowplow back in 1981 had the foresight to see that farmers needed to improve their practices - to improve soil structure, increase humus and allow more water to infiltrate and store in the soil - if farming was to be sustainable.

Today we continue the challenge to bring you the market leading solution for your soil care. With our latest models featuring our most innovative shank design, trailing leading tine design to improve ripping costs, convenient level lift design and constructed from even stronger frames for strength and durability. 

Eliminate soil Compaction

Soil Compaction restricts access to deeper moisture and nutrients causing constraints on yield. With a drying climate and increasingly heavier machinery being used, soil is being packed causing additional issues such as non-wetting soils, subsoil acidity and sodicity. 

The narrow Agrowplow shank design is set to work below the compacted soil layer or hard pan to uplift and shatter it without the inversion of the soil. Soil particles become aerated without violent seperation while allowing greater moisture infiltration into the seed bed. This minimizes soil aggregates and creates conditions ideal for microbial action. Crop roots are then free to pursue moisture and nutrients deep in the soil to maximise plant growth and yield. 
Soil Compaction Comparison - unripped vs ripped

Retain Moisture

  Deep Ripping to 600mm in Western Australia with Agrowplow AP91

The Agrowplow APx1 series allows you to capture winter moisture, move it into the subsoil and eliminate runoff. With heavy rains, see more moisture stored in the ground and less water logging on the surface or runoff into sloughs. 

Get Roots Deeper

The Agrowplow will produce strong, healthy plant roots, as the roots have access to follow moisture down through the soil profile without hitting the hard pan. Crops withstand a longer dry period, because the moisture from the winter has been banked. With a bigger root mass below the ground, the more foliage and yield above the ground. 
Root structure and soil comparison using an Agrowplow during visit to Canada


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