Ripper returns with Agrowplow


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DEEP ripping using an Agrowplow has resulted in higher yields in low and no-till cropping systems in Western Australia’s grain belt.

Manager of an 8000-hectare canola, wheat and barley operation at Wongan Hills, Aaron Falconer said wheat yields in the area averaged 2.5 tonnes a hectare at best, but past experience had shown deep ripping could lift yields to between 2.5 and 3.0t/ha.

The AP90 currently employed on the farm Mr Falconer manages is a 27-tyne model with two tynes removed to suit the tramlining system.

“It’s pretty easy to pull too, when the conditions are right – we were doing six kilometres and house with the tractor just idling along,” he said.

Further north, at Moora, Tony Snell started deep ripping relatively recently on lighter country that had been ‘spaded’ to mix the soil profile up and correct non-wetting sands.

He found that deep ripping was needed after the soil subsequently settled and packed down.

By Neil Lyon

Farm Weekly