Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder

cutout of Agrowdrill vineyard seeder

The AD083 Agrowdrill ideally suited to viticulture. The seed drill has a transport width of only 2m, making it perfectly suited to navigating the narrow vineyard rows. The AD083 vineyard seeder also features our 401 double disc unit. This undercarriage is constructed of eleven 16” discs with 159mm spacings that make light work of the tough stubble and high trash that accumulates around vineyard trellises. The high accuracy of the discs ensures optimal seed placement and minimises tillage to maintain soil microbiology.

Strength and Simplicity

The AD083 Agrowdrill features a tough construction for withstanding a variety of conditions and ensuring a long lifespan. Its robust design makes maintenance simple, so modifications and machine upkeep can be easily performed as easily in between the vine rows as the shed where you store it. Its powder-coated exterior gives it a weather-resistant finish, so you can work in a variety of conditions without worrying about whether your seeder is up to the job. With the AD083 as your vineyard seeder, you can be confident that your next grape crop will be rich and healthy.

rear of the Agrowdrill vineyard seeder

Superior Features


Vineyard Seeder disc undercarriage

The Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder features Agrowplow's 401 Double Disc Unit for accurate placement, easy handling of high-trash conditions, and zero-tillage operations. Learn more

Easy Calibration

The Vineyard Seeder's lid-mounted calibration tray

Maximise the effectiveness of your seed stock with the Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder's calibration tray. The tray is mounted inside the seed box and can be quickly deployed to make measuring seed output simple and easy. 

Sowing Rate

Varibox sowing rate adjuster

Easy and infinite adjustment of sowing rates - from zero to maximum - allows users to set seed rates for optimal crop yield.

Easy Height Adjustment

Hand-operated height adjustment handle

Easy manual height adjustment means you can quickly set the seeding depth while in the field without the need for additional tools or complex mechanisms. 



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