Agrowplow AD720 Seed Drill

AD720 Agrowdrill by Agrowplow

Drilling conditions can be challenging. But at Agrowplow, we saw it as a mission for our farmers. To build an Agrowdrill with incredible capability for whatever condition is thrown at it. 

So meet the AD720 Agrowdrill drill. Built heavier and stronger, the AD720 is ready to handle a high level of trash. Featuing a 4 toolbar undercarriage with wider tyne spacings, a fully welded 100x100x6mm RHS frame and larger hopper capacity.

The seed drill master

Standard tyne spacings are 150mm, 175mm or 225mm in 16, 20, 22, 24 or 26 row configurations

With over 30 years seeding experience, the AD720 combines solid construction, durability and flexibility with superior accuracy and depth control. The fully welded frame is constructed from 100x100x6mm (4"x4"x1/4") RHS designed to penetrate the hardest soil. 

The 4 toolbar undercarriage with 510mm spacings consist of Agrowplow's proven 325 Coil Tyne assembly for the best residual handling capability. The tyne unit features the renowned Baker Boot opener and is capable of single or double shooting. An optional series of even heavier tyne units are available for high trash flow. 


Significant Residual Handling

Combined with its heavy duty construction and renowned trash handling capability, the AD720 also features large hopper capacity with dual lids to prevent cross contamination, heavy duty 12.4x28 lugged tyres, available in 3 meter working controlled traffic working widths and the optional mounted flexi roller for superior seed to soil contact. 

Double Seed/Fertiliser Distribution 

The unique double fluted roller distribution system with gates is exclusive to Agrowdrills. It delivers higher sowing rates, reduced bridging and handles a large range of seed and fertiliser. An optional bean roller is available. Together with the infinitely variable gearbox you can sow almost anything at any rate. 

Simple Calibration

Agrowdrills feature Agrowplow's uniquely designed calibration tray. The tray eliminates the need to place buckets under the tynes or discs to allow for faster and easier calibration. 

Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning out the seed and fertiliser box is not a time consuming chore. Simply set the levefr to the box cleaning setting and the unique cleaning gates exclusive to Agrowplow are opened to allow any remnants to simply fall through. 

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