Agrowdrill AD130 Seed Drill

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The AD130 Agrowdrill leads on from our most popular AD230 pasture drill, combining the best features into a compact, versatile drill. 

Behind the newest release, our Agrowplow team strived to develop a drill that exceeded the standard for soil care and simplicity. With our latest AD130 design developed to maximise your fields potential in new or established pastures. Featuring a robust design, convenient transport width, reliable drive system, heavy duty frame and seed/fertiliser boxes and the proven Agrowplow feed distribution.

We've got your field covered

150mm tyne spacings in12, 16, and 20 row configuration. 

Getting the job done right is simple and effective. The 3 tool bar undercarriage consists of Agrowplow's reliable coil tyne with baker boot assembly for significant residual handling with the option to add disc coulters. For minimal soil disturbance the AD130 can feature a double disc undercarriage. Together with a dependable drive system design, the drill will perform season after season with minimal down time.

Specs & options

Superior Features


425 coil tyne on AD130

The AD130 is available with either Agrowplow's durable and versatile 425 Coil Tynes or 401 Double Disc Unit to support zero-tillage operations. Learn more

Double Seed Rollers

The unique double fluted roller distribution system with gates is exclusive to Agrowdrills. It delivers higher sowing rates, reduced bridging and handles a large range of seed and fertiliser. An optional bean roller is available. Together with the infinitely variable gearbox you can sow almost anything at any rate.

Simple Calibration

Agrowdrills feature Agrowplow's uniquely designed calibration tray. The tray eliminates the need to place buckets under the tynes or discs to allow for faster and easier calibration.

Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning out the seed and fertiliser box is not a time consuming chore. Simply set the lever to the box cleaning setting and the unique cleaning gates exclusive to Agrowplow are opened to allow any remnants to simply fall through.



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