Agrowplow AD120 Seed Drill

Agrowplow AD120 Seed Drill

We've got your field covered with the Agrowplow AD120 Seed Drill. The AD120 is the perfect solution for small-mid sized farmers who are seeking an effective, compact and versatile seed drill to sow in small pasture areas. 


Heavy duty design, season after season.

Agrowdrills are purpose built with plenty of frame weight and are designed to penetrate into the hardest and still achieve the best seeding result. 
The solid frame is built from 100x100x6mm RHS with a fully welded frame designed to last many seasons in the most challenging conditions. 

Significant residual handling for seeding success

The 3 tool bar undercarriage consists of Agrowplow's reliable Standard Coil Tyne assembly  for significant residual handling or as an option heavy duty 732 coil tynes. The simple tyne unit features the renowned Baker Boot opener and is capable of single or double shooting. 

Standard tyne spacings are 150mm (6") in 18 or 22 row configuration. 

For heavier trash flow, spring release coulters are available to cut through the trash with minimal soil disturbance. 

Double Seed/Fertiliser Distribution 

The unique double fluted roller distribution system with gates is exclusive to Agrowdrills. It delivers higher sowing rates, reduced bridging and handles a large range of seed and fertiliser. An optional bean roller is available. Together with the infinitely variable gearbox you can sow almost anything at any rate. 

Simple Calibration

Agrowdrills feature Agrowplow's uniquely designed calibration tray. The tray eliminates the need to place buckets under the tynes or discs to allow for faster and easier calibration. 

Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning out the seed and fertiliser box is not a time consuming chore. Simply set the levefr to the box cleaning setting and the unique cleaning gates exclusive to Agrowplow are opened to allow any remnants to simply fall through. 

Optional Equipment

  • Coulters
  • Double Shooting
  • Hydraulics for Rear tow hitch
  • Small Seeds Box
  • Couble Disc Undercarriage



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