17 Shank  23 Shank

Shank Spacing

529mm  522mm

Number of Toolbars


Working Width

9m   12m

Transport Width

 6.85m/9.25m 6.8m/11.9m

 Rigid Shear Pin Shank Specs

 #9 Style, 4800kg (10560lb) Maximum Breakout at Blade

 Hydraulic Recoil Shank Specs

 #9 Style, 1850kg (4070lb) Maximum Breakout at Blade

 Working Depth

up to 450mm (18")
Optional 600mm (24")*

Under Frame Clearance

Shank Rigid

 #9-450 Shank - 660mm
#9-600 Shank - 800mm

Hydraulic Shank 

 #9-450 Shank - 850mm
#9-600 Shank - 1000mm

Drawbar Power (hp)

340-510hp  460-690hp

 Linkage Type

 Trailing with 2" or 2 3/4" draw bar pin

 Depth Wheels

 15.5/80-24 (16) 163A8/169A6 Grip Star

 Number of Wheel


 Number of Sections

Wing Lock

 Over Centre Wing Fold with Locking Pin

Section Float

 10º down, 20º up


 Fully welded RHS Frame
200x200x9mm RHS Toolbars

Optional Equipment

  • Hydraulically Drive Level Lift Hitch
  • Coutlers, 
  • Wide Wing Points
  • Inclusion Plates
  • Inversion Shank
  • Side Sweeps

* The AP81 should only be used with 600mm shanks under strictly controlled conditions. It is not recommended for use in virgin, rocky, or uneven terain. Please consult Agrowplow sales before considering this option.


Specifications could change without notice.