AP11 Deep Tillage Plow

Delivers more for less

The Agrowplow AP11 series deep tillage plough is a multi-purpose linkage unit and is perfect for rootbed renovation of pastures, cereals, vineyards, horticultural crops and sugar cane applications. 
The unique Agrowplow shank is set to produce the best root bed environment by uplifting and shattering hard soil pans without inverting the soil which leads to moisture loss and reduction in soil microbiology. 


Agrowplow  Agrowplow shank  Agrowplow  Agrowplow Depth tyre 
Solid Construction
Although small in size, the AP11 Deep Tillage Plough still maintains the strength and robustness that Agrowplow is renowned for. The 100x100x6mm RHS frame is heavy duty and designed to handle the stress of tough plowing.

The AP11 Deep Tillage Plough is  available with either 7 or 11 shanks with 330mm (13") shank spacings. The Deep Tillage Plough also features bolt-less quick change shanks and points. The AP11 blades are fitted with a rigid shear pin with a 2400lb breakout.

Great Manoeuvrability.
Transport with confidence with a narrow 2.5m (8'3") for the 7 tyne and 3.63m (11'11") for the 11 tyne Deep Tillage Plough width to allow easy movability through gates and on roads. The AP11 attaches to the tractors 3 point linkage allowing for easy raise and lowering.

Depth Setting. Fitted to the AP11 Deep Tillage Plough are two 13x136 HT depth wheels. The tyres are easily adjusted to control the plowing depth.

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Quality Finish. 
The AP11 Deep Tillage Plough is finished in a highly durable and long lasting two pack pack 


Optional Equipment

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