Prepare the ultimate seed bed finish.

The Agrowplow Flexi roller is a multi-purpose unit that can be used in primary and secondary tillage operations, and in seeding applications. Its unique contour following ability provides a superior seedbed finish in all soil conditions.

The Flexi Roller is both aggressive enough to shatter clods and break crusting yet is also gentle enough to lightly press the soil after drilling for near perfect seed to soil contact. Its action eliminates the need for individual presswheels or packers.

The Flexi Rollers are available in trailing units from 2.5m (8’) to 6.5m (21' 4") and linkage units from 6m (20’) to 12m (40’). Mounted units are  available to suit the AD120, AD230 and AD720 Series Agrowdrill and the AP31 and AP71 Series Agrowplow deep tillage ploughs.