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Agrowplow is a leading innovative, soil care conscious company supplying farmers Seed Drills, Deep Tillage Ploughs & Flexi-Rollers for improved, sustainable agriculture.

Our Products

Seed Drills

Agrowplows Seed Drill success is a combination of heavyweight toolbar design, exception trash clearance capabilities, accurate distribution system, and reliable proven baker boot technology to produce the best seeding results for your operation.

Deep Tillage Ploughs

Achieve optimal plant growth and excellent yields with the Agrowplow AP Deep Tillage plough series. Agrowplows work below the compacted plough pan to uplift and shatter it without the inversion of the soil.

Flexi Rollers

Achieve optimal plant growth and excellent yields with the Agrowplow AP Flexi-Roller Designed to produce a superior seed bed finish in all soil conditions. The Flexi Rollers will shatter clods and crusting and yet is gentle enough to lightly press the soil after drilling for a near perfect seed to soil contact.

Spare Parts

A large parts inventory at our factory and distribution warehouses allows for the entire range of spare parts for Seed drills, Deep tillage ploughs and Flexi Rollers to be available from your nearest Agrowplow dealer.

About Us

An AgrowPlow Flexi Roller in action

AGROWPLOW P/L is an innovative, soil conscious company committed to developing "Soil Care" products for improved, sustainable agriculture.The founders of Agrowplow had the foresight to see that farmers needed to improve their practices - to improve soil structure, increase humus and allow more water to infiltrate and store in the soil - if farming was to be sustainable. The first Agrowplow was designed and built in 1977 to adopt these principles. Read More

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